Small Biz Faves

Here's a round-up of my favorite U.S.-based small businesses that you can shop online for things to use in everyday life - at home or out and about!

All are owned & run by people who I'm grateful to call friends, who are sharing their resources and making their voices heard to create meaningful change in causes that they care about. And they (often hand-)make or curate stellar products that my family and I absolutely love!!! Where we spend our money matters. It grows the communities we want to see thrive.


And Arlen

Woman-owned  |  Queer-owned

Seattle, WA. Waterproof, minimalist jewelry. All 3 employees earn the same living wage and great benefits as the owner, Miranda, and $1 of each order is donated to orgs striving for social justice.


Arrows Aim Greenhouse


Whidbey Island, WA. The most beautiful grow lights I've ever seen for your houseplants, all handmade by owner LeeAnn, who also makes planters and ships plants nationwide. 10% of profits are donated to orgs reducing the impact of incarceration, and LeeAnn's vision is to grow the business large enough to become a co-op welcoming individuals returning from incarceration to training & employment opportunities.


Little Bear Big Bear

Woman-owned  |  Asian American-owned



Wild Clementine Co.