Do you have a recommendation for picture frames?

Yes! My go-to is always Frame It Easy, a shop in Connecticut that offers an easy custom-ordering page online and is affordable since they don't ship glass - all their frames are constructed with a high-quality acrylic cover instead. Feel free to use my referral link to get 10% off your orders! (In full disclosure, I do get a small credit too if you use it)

How do I wrap gifts in my kitchen towel like it's furoshiki?

Check out this handy video that my friends & stockist Station 7 put together! This is the easiest method, perfect for boxes and books and anything else you'd like to stack on top of something boxy like that. Here's another video I made wrapping something funky-shaped too!

Why does the packaging say "Rex Made This" instead of "Chroma Rex?"

This little biz started out as "Rex Made This" and became "Chroma Rex" in 2023. Thanks for your patience while I phase out the old packaging!

Can I commission/collaborate with you to design/illustrate [insert art form or goods here]?!

Thanks so much for your interest!

If you are another small biz maker/artist interested in a collaboration, or a company interested in hiring me to create exclusive artwork for a product line, then cool, let’s talk!!!

If you are a restaurant or shop that I love and are hoping to partially pay me in food/store credit for a mural or illustration, then YES YES YES (from my brain, belly, and bank account).

If you'd like a mural for your Seattle area/Western Washington home and have an idea that fits my style, then I'd love to hear about it! My rate is $45/sq ft including designing & painting

What art medium do you use in your illustrations?

It’s a combo of things! I paint in watercolor and acrylic, often drawing with acrylic or oil-based paint markers over the paintings. Sometimes the drawings are digital instead of scanned in from paper. If I’m painting an interior residential or commercial mural, then it’s always zero VOC acrylic interior paints!

What is your heritage?

Taiwanese American - I became a “Rex” by marriage!

Fun Fact: I’ve lived in 4 different regions of the US, mostly during childhood, so kudos if you can guess where I’ve been by my inadvertent blend of American accents!