I'm Irene, a Seattle-based Taiwanese American artist & surface designer who enjoys creating versatile home goods to liven up everyday routines.

Each Chroma Rex product is designed to last (yay materials engineering background!) and each is a unique reflection of my happiest memories in my favorite places, with my favorite people, expressed in watercolor layered with loose sketch-like illustrations.

The bold colors of my work are chosen to convey the excitement of these themes - hope they resonate with you & your favorite memories too!

- Irene Rex -

Core Values

Community First

Suppliers are fellow small businesses, often local, woman- and/or BIPOC-owned.

Quarterly donations are made to mutual aid & non-profit orgs securing civil & human rights for all.

Environmental Stewardship

Reused, biodegradable & recyclable shipping materials (in that order) are used whenever possible.

All items are thoughtfully designed with my materials science background to be durably multipurpose, enabling less consumption and can be repurposed if not recycled or commercially composted. Striving for continuously more eco-friendly products and practices is an on-going effort.